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Jul 24, 2011 10:00am EDT
-- is not -- the community is not as big as other ethnic communities, but it is very lively. there are many distinguished members in the academic, economic, and social life of the places that they lived in the united states -- live in the united states. we have close cooperation on issues of security, the fight against terrorism, and, of course, also, we enjoy very, very good trade and economic links. relationshipyprus' with turkey? >> turkey does not recognize the republic of cyprus as the state since 1974. so, since -- summer of 1974, there are no diplomatic or political relations between the republic of cyprus and turkey. -- turkey as a result of this policy of turkey of nonrecognition of the republic of cyprus. turkey has imposed an embargo on ships and aircrafts which are related or even stop in the republic of cyprus, from exports and airports, which makes contact and commercial links more difficult. beyond the relation -- the only relation, if one may call it a religion, is the fact that turkey illegally occupies the northern area of the republic of cyprus. and how did that happ
Jul 10, 2011 10:00am EDT
they would build it up and remove them away. the big pyramid is for kufu and his son. >> so this is all a family affair? >> yes, exactly. you will also see tombs of the queens and to the east, the children and the nobles. to the west, the officials who helped to build. all of this is the soul of the community. they will all in join their life in paradise with the king. the question of immortality bill to egypt. >> what blows you away? >> i have lived in this house. what is amazing about this place, when i come here every day, i see the pyramids are different from yesterday. that is the magic of the pyramids. >> how has the spinks weathered the last 4500 years? >> the sphinx suffered a lot. some of the problems came about because of bad restoration. more than water, timidity, heat. people would use cement to repair it. cement can eat into the stone. in 1998, the sphinx lost its right shoulder, one year after it came from the states. it was like a red flag to everyone. i spent 10 years restoring the sphinx, taking out the cement, putting in stone. i can say that the sphinx is safe, bu
Jul 17, 2011 10:00am EDT
from the attack of the ottomans. it is a gate that opened to the east where we had a very big port. that is why -- is made of limestone and as you can see, it is monumental. it has a huge arched on top and if you look up closely, you will see an arabic inscription which reflects the much later time when the city was under the ottomans. >> to learn more about cyprus, we talked to the presidential commissioner. >> independence in 1960 for cyprus from the british. did both turkey and greece have their eyes on cyprus as a prize? >> greece, turkey and britain became what is the tree obligation of the republic of cyprus. this is a treaty of guarantee. the republic was in alliance with greece and turkey through a formal treaty of alliance that permitted both to have armed forces from the island. the british already secured a their interests by obtaining the sovereign base areas at the time of independence. other countries had a historical connection will with cyprus. because 82% was greek, that -- turkey embarked on the shape of the ottoman empire and was here for 300 years. of course, th
Jul 3, 2011 10:00am EDT
, jerry bremer, who made four big decisions right away. can you run down those decisions and what was the aftermath of those decisions? >> the decisions had to do with this bending the army, outlined -- disbanding the army, putting thousands out on the streets without jobs. he united men with guns with men with ideas, fighting -- feeding into the insurgency. >> so that party was out. the police were out, the army was out. there was some kind of nationalization of industries or something like that? >> again, trying to get rid of the state-and entities to make it more efficient. >> and there were no state-run entities? >> there was a virtual government that did not have much of 40 -- much authority . >> what is the definition of insurgency? >> people have different definitions. in the case of iraq, it was forces opposed to the government taking up arms and using violence. that is certainly what we saw there, primarily by the sunni tribes. the chaos in iraq provided the opportunity for al qaeda to move in. so you had this cancer in the midst of iraqi society -- al qaeda in iraq that was
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4